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Behind the Brand with Bryan Elliott is a show for entrepreneurs that’s like a backstage pass inside the minds (and companies) of some of the smartest and most interesting people on the planet.

Each episode connects intriguing business leaders and personalities to a passionate audience thirsty to grow their business and brands like yours looking to connect with the achievers looking to go even further.


Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk has said, “Content is king.
but context is God.” Consider the source.

Context is about relevancy, credibility and who’s saying what.
People don’t believe what brands say about themselves.

They trust and believe friends, influencers and outside experts.
We have influence and expertise with our audience.  Let us tell
your story and it will be more impactful.


What’s the value of aligning your brand with the all-star caliber talent we feature on the show? It might be difficult to calculate but it could mean all the difference.


Traditional advertising or product placement in TV and movies is expensive.  I know, because I used to buy millions of dollars worth of media…

The Internet is the largest audience in the world. Attention is shifting from traditional
to digital, social and mobile at epic speeds.

Sponsorship, product placement or brand integration on our show is an incredible value right now.

If it’s a mutually good fit, we look forward to working with you to accomplish your goals!

Q. How often is the show produced?

A. Currently 2x per month, with plans to publish weekly shows.

Q. How are shows produced?

A. Shows are filmed as full-length episodes (20-30 minutes).
Then additionally edited down into several smaller 5 minute clips to maximized watch time.

The short-form edits tend to perform best on
and are viewed approx. 100,000 times within the first 30 days of
being published.

We typically publish 2-4 of these shorter clips from the full-length feature spaced out a few days a part, giving the piece longer legs and 2x or 4x the exposure.

These shorter clips are archived on
for 12 months, plus published to Entrepreneur Network’s
Youtube channel


Full-length episodes plus the shorter clips are published and archived on Behind the Brand’s Youtube channel ( racking up incremental views in perpetuity.

*Worthy Mention: Analytics from Behind the Brand’s
(small) Youtube channel
a channel that serves as an ARCHIVE ONLY and DOES NOT receive promotion or media support, STILL delivers over 300,000 incremental hours of audience watch time per month.

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